Q/ I am at work all day do you work evenings weekends?
A/ Yes! we will undertake your cleaning requirements at a time that suits you.

Q/ Do you remove pet and smoke odours?
A/ Yes, Our cleaning products will eliminate all odours and neutralise your furnishings leaving them smelling citrus fresh

Q/ Do I need to remove furniture from the rooms your cleaning
A/No, we will be happy to move all your items of furniture and replace them carefully when the cleaning is completed

Q/ I am worried my carpet will shrink
A/ Profesional cleaning of carpets will avoid any danger of carpet shrinkage. our cleaning systems and cleaning products ensure your carpets will not shrink

Q/ how long does it take to clean my carpets and upholstery?
A/ Carpet cleaning times depends largely on the size of the room, as a rough guide though allow 40 minutes per room and 3 hours for the cleaning of an average 3 piece suite.

Q/ Is it true carpets get dirty quicker after they have been cleaned?
A/ Choosing the right cleaning products is very important to ensuring your freshly cleaned furnishings stay clean Dirtbusters only use products that do not contain soaps, which is the main reason carpets attract dirt quickly. we only use very high grade products to avoid leaving residues in your furnishings.

Q/ I have allergies and mild asthma, will cleaning help to reduce my symptoms?
A/ Yes, regular cleaning will destroy dust mites and airborne bacteria from your carpets and upholstery.

Q/ I have a small baby are your cleaning materials safe?
A/ Yes, all our cleaning products are tested and are completely safe for children and pets.

Q/ How long will my furnishings take to dry?
A/ In most cases carpets are dry with 2 hours, upholstery takes around 3 hours

Q/ do you provide a free quotation?
A/ Yes, we will be more than please to discuss your cleaning requirements and offer you friendly advice with of course a free quote.